Old SPA Hotel Oberlaa (Vienna)

For a long time the Airo Tower Hotel in the 10th district of Vienna, close to the thermal spring Oberlaa, served as a beautiful Hotel with direct access to the SPA area for hundreds of guests every month. But in 2016 the hotel left it's best days behind and began to be known for it's old equipment and dirty rooms instead of relaxing weekends and the beautifuil view from the top. In April 2016, the hotel went bankrupt and was quickly replaced by a newer building. In early 2018 the destruction began - A wonderful opportunity to get a closer look from the inside.


SPA Hotel from the outside One day during work I saw this old building with construction fences around it in Oberlaa while driving through the 10th district in Vienna. After a quick search on google I found out that is was the former SPA-Hotel tower. I became interested and wanted to see it from the inside. Will the furniture still be inside? Was there a swimming pool? What’s the view like from the top? At this point I was determined – I had to get inside!

I wrote some friends and sure enough they were all interested in the object. A week later we met at the “Oberlaa” Subway station and searched for the hotel. The 16 stories high building was hard to miss so we were standing in front of it within minutes.

The construction fence wasn’t really an obstacle because someone cut a huge hole into it. We crawled through the hole and stood in a small hallway on the outside of the hotel. On our left side was a small hut with a current transformer inside and a sticker on it that said: “Danger! High Voltage!”. The transformer was still running which made us a bit worrying. Why is there still electricity here?

Another hole in the fence allowed us the get to the old swimming pool area. We saw (what was left of) the swimming pool and some graffiti on the walls. At this point we realised how fucked up this place already was and our hopes to see some intact hotel rooms shrunk to the size of a peanut.

We made our way to the inside of the main building which was completely empty. The elevator was missing and the only thing we saw were empty spray cans on the ground and even more graffiti, some of it was actually rather beautiful. In the middle was a door with a graffiti next to it which kindly pointed to the right way. The way up to the roof. Sixteen stories later we found ourselves on upper balcony of the tower. Everything was full of pigeon droppings but the view over Vienna was staggering.

Sadly, all the other floors where completely empty except of some graffiti and waste from the workers. We found some old ventilation systems and power generators on the roof - everything covered in at least one centimetre of pigeon feces.

We tried to climb up some rather unsafe looking ladders and stairs until we found something more promising. A small ladder that led up to the roof of the building. One at a time we climbed up the ladder and found ourselves on top a sixteen-story high hotel that was slowly rotting over time. We took some more photos and took our time to enjoy the wonderful view over Vienna.

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